Enjoying Christmas Without The Back Pain

By Robin Adams, West Country Osteopaths



There are many wonderful aspects of christmas, that we enjoy – festive spirit, visiting family, seeing our children opening their presents, to name a few. It is also a time when some of the old aches and pains tend to come out, resulting in a visit to the osteopath in the following days!


Here are some of reasons, with some suggestions as to how you can stay out of pain.

  1. Sitting in armchairs and sofas. Yes – we do this all year around, but we tend to spend more time with relatives sitting down at Christmas. Ensure you prop yourself up, using a pillow if necessary, as straight as you can. Don't be sat down for too long – stand up, even if only to walk around the house and do some simple stretches. Visit our website www.wcih.co.uk and watch the video giving some simple back and neck exercises to avoid back pain.

  1. Playing with the children. Theres nothing the children enjoy more than playing around with uncles, aunties and grandparents, often being carried or climbing all over them! Of course, we all enjoy this, but do watch those back muscles. Use all the usual care when lifting. Maintain a straight back as far as possible and engage those core muscles.

  1. Exercise. As far as your back is concerned, Christmas is no different to any other time of the year, and just as it is important to exercise those muscles, throughout the year, we especially need to do a little stretching throughout the festive season. For some exercises to help avoid back pain over Christmas, see our website www.wcih.co.uk and watch Christmas exercise video below.


  2. Go easy on those mince pies! Those extra calories not only cause us to gain weight, but leave us feeling more lethargic. Poor diet can also increase inflammation, and any achey joints are then likely to feel worse.


To all the readers of these articles, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and prosperous new year. And for any readers finding themselves with some unwanted aches, please call and make an appointment on 01392 555111. (West Country Osteopaths is the trading name of West Country Integrated Health Ltd)